In May 2015, Turkey was busy with the general election. Taking advantage of this, we created a fun election for Algida's legendary ice creams: Banana Joe, Winner, and Buzzy. These ice creams were no longer in production, and we let the public decide which one should return.
The campaign was voiced by Eser Yenenler, Ibrahim Büyükak, and Oguzhan Koç, hosts of the Üç Adam Talk Show. We announced that the ice cream with the most votes on Twitter and Facebook would come back. Each ice cream had its own campaign video where they made promises about their taste. These videos were shown on TV, where they appeared on Korcan Karar's Election Show, debating why they should return and convincing people to vote. They also called into the Üç Adam Talk Show.
After a tense and competitive election period, we revealed the results on TV with graphics similar to real elections. Winner was the one chosen to return.
Opening Film
Buzzy's Promises Film
Winner's Promises Film
Banana Joe's Promises Film
The Teaser of The Legendary Election Show with Korcan Karar
The Legendary Election Show with Korcan Karar
The Results of The Legendary Election with Korcan Karar
Winner is Back Film
Winner is in 3 Adam Talk Show and thanks to the people who voted for it and distributes Winner to the audiences in the studio.
Legendary Ice Creams in 3 Adam Talk Show
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